Chowteetirimal & kaiteerimal

Chowteetirimal is a special type of South Indian massage that is done with the feet and using a rope to hold onto. According to the condition of the patient the massage is administrated accordingly. The intensiveness of the massage depends on several factors. Sometimes it must be done by hand other times by the feet. An intensive massage is done with the use of the feet and sometimes two people are involved to stretch out the limbs to achieve the correct pressure on key bodily areas. The correct method is the use of long strokes and to link up the marma points from one to another.
It is said that when using this type of massage one must push out any pains that one may have out of the body through the limbs. One never massages up to the head if such pain exist and needs to be removed. This Chowteetirimal is famous for increasing bodily strength and flexibility.
Certain oils are used for a particular condition. These oils are special to the gurus of the kalari and brew their own medicine by collecting key herbs and minerals from local areas.
Such oils are used by us at our location for this type of treatment in UK

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